Mountains & Houses

from by Mulligrub



slept through the mountains hanging your head
the suburbs stare at you over the fence
watch from the car passing cigarettes
silent and destructively complacent
we sing

there's nothing I can do to stop
one thousand wonder bread trucks
from dumbing down and pumping up
with whitewashed marshmallow fluff

run your mouth into the ground
dig yourself a hole I hope you never get out
the edge at the top is lined with teeth they see
you don't practice what you preach you keep
secrets from your mother from your significant other and they sing

there's pills that you can take to stop
a thousand misfired neurons
from grinding you down building up
a mountain of molehill problems

build an overpass
for the family cat
one day she'll be all that's left
mow the newly flattened lawn
in front of an ancient mountain
ignore what we destroy until it's gone
until it's gone


from Soft Grudge, released June 7, 2017


tags: punk Houston


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