Spring Sampler 2015

by Funeral Sounds



A sampler featuring most of our artists thus far for your listening pleasure. Art by Mike Radack of Atlas At Last.

It's been a while since our last one. I didn't do anything with the label before the last sampler, or immediately after either. Chase did everything label-wise and I did everything blog-wise until the label went on hiatus and Chase left. We started back up with just me in March of 2014, a year ago, with the Heccra and Alomar tapes. And then a lot of other stuff happened and it's been a weird year. A goddamn blessing, is what this past year was. All the shitty emotional turmoil and stress and issues that I went through while trying and at times really, really struggling to keep Funeral Sounds alive was more than made up for with all the incredible people I've gotten to meet and all the cool shit I've gotten to do and like, I finally saw nouns! That's fucked up! I never would've thought it'd be so soon, I guess. Weird. Weird weird weird. I'm not sure what I'm writing. If you know anything about me, you know getting emotional and writing paragraphs of gratitude is my favorite thing. Let me stop here and get into the thanks.

Thank you so fucking much for supporting Funeral Sounds in any way, shape or form. At least like 5 dreams of mine have come true solely because of FS and we would not be here and none of those things would've happened if it were not for you and I mean that from the very bottom of my heart. You are the reason. Thank you.

Further thanks go to Chase Jennewine, Hunter Guffy, Hunter Clifton Mann, Kyle Parker, Tyler Evans, Elgin Venable, Keyton Gill, Austin Clark, Matthew Seferian and all of Donovan Wolfington, Eddie Gancos, Eric Macht, every Funeral Sounds staff member past and present, Dakota Bahney and Dylan Chieffalo, Alex Strong, Armand Garcia, James Cassar, Judy Hong, Danielle Nicole Shanholtzer-Dvorak, Dominique Galluscio, Madison Klarer and Lucas Dalakian and all of ROMP, Giovanni Prieto, Mitch Welling, Brian Chamblee, Jonathan Chun, Jon Riley, James Shotwell, Brian Leak, Dan Bogosian, Derek Scancarelli, Michael Giegerich, Moore and Dunn and all of Halifax, Chris Dicriscio, Billy Philhower, Brian Cox and Alex Johnson for creating Mark Darkza (fuck you), Alyssa Fernandez, Sean Hermann, Joe Rodriguez, Scott Andreu, Marcos Gossi, Ray DiMasi or whatever your last name is, Joel Todero, Emily Suda, Kasheka Chitkara, Mike Radack and all of Atlas At Last, Kasey Badgley, Max Gottesman and all of Gottem except PJ fuck you PJ, Cale Cuellar and Conor Kelley and Miller Matthews and Haley Rosso and Julie Richards and Jordan Faour and everyone else in the Woodlands, David Norman, Matthew Brown, Christopher Musser, everyone in every project Cameron Boucher has been involved with besides Cameron Boucher, Scowler for being the best band on earth rest in peace nothing good lasts life is fleeting, Lukas Afra, Gabriel Ainsworth, Greg Rodrigue and Community Records, Alex Ibarra, Shannon Fitzpatrick, Cody Stanaszek and Robbie Plackemeier, Alex Jones, Alexa Johnson and all of daephne, Marykate Foley, Tyler Sharp, Nicole Celenza, George Garza Jr. and everyone at the Garza house, Alex Scheel, Jorge Gonzalez, Patrick Mclean and all of Fearless Leader, Thad Love and all of Shark Bait, only three of the people in Pope, only 1 person in Heccra, Matthew Hawkins and all of Lilith, Leor Miller, Dandy Eckert, Josh Zirkle, Darby Johnson, Jenna Ruland, Stephen Alcala, Luke Runte, Adeeb Mohamed, Paola Mendez, Louis Hunter-Lanza, Angel Baeza, Ethan Pape, Haram Kim, Mrs. Perdicho, Mr. Gayle, Mr. Pena, Ms. Rodriguez, Greg Cote, Olin Dunleavy, Brendan Lukens, Patrick Dawson and probably a lot of others. You're all in my will. Thank you. Thank you, Linkin Park. Thank you, Mike Shinoda.

Thank you.

- mark garza / funeral sounds


released March 10, 2015



all rights reserved


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