Song About the Man

from by Mulligrub



disclaimer: I wrote this when I was 18 and am somewhat embarrassed of the lyrics :-P

it's anonymous ugly and shameful a distasteful joke in a room of staring people
you thought that you saw a rainbow but it was skyscraper staring at you from a puddle
and I don't get it either but I'm still offended
billboards big box stores highways never end
it seems one square of land will not remain sacred
someone has to own it and sell it and pave it
and have the nerve to say this

is the way its supposed to be the natural order of things
born to die in buildings built from drywall and wrapped in plastic siding
while blistered hands and bleeding feet
paint the walls of the elite
a pretty pink you can't see without rose glasses
blinders we hand down to our babies

it's always been about the money
finding new ways to hide lie and disguise
exporting overseas ugliness and poverty
when you slam the door say that's just my job
say that's just the law
but you founded the company and passed out the guns


from Soft Grudge, released June 7, 2017


tags: punk Houston


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