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Step down off the bus
In front of my parents house, the wet grass must
Have soaked through your shoes and your socks
Your t-shirt's see through
And I would kiss you but I better I better not

I'm a marionette can't hold up my head
In a bar or a leopard print cocktail dress
Sneaking to the bathroom to shotgun a lucky seven
We walked there and we walked home

The river looks like a rainbow tonight
I could walk on it you look terrified and you tell me not to try
I said don't worry buddy I'm not that high
Don't worry buddy both our cell phones died

I passed out twice in Vimy Ridge park
You helped me up you helped me find my glasses
I was scared I missed work and you thought that I had died
When I asked you the time you said that's not important

You held my arm
As the sun came up
We jaywalked home
While healthy people, morning people passed us
Walking with their dogs, jogging with their dogs

And where are you now?
You're getting drunk in Europe.
You're fucking up your last chance
To get back the home the friends the family you abandoned
Well you're not gonna change
And there ain't no one that can make ya
So I'll walk home alone
and you keep being a rapist
cause you won't change you won't let it in
past your thick skull to your empty head
we wanted so bad to take you back


from Soft Grudge, released June 7, 2017


tags: punk Houston


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