from by Mulligrub



We sit
on the sidewalk
that soldered my mouth shut
and I pet your dog

you say
I could hit you if I want I say
it's too late besides I don't think I would stop

she licks
my face with her big tongue
I wanna ask you does she still pull when she walks

you stare
out at the intersection
I won't answer a single question
it's not my fault

go home cry into your pillow
I'm so tired won't feel better tomorrow
tell all your friends that you're a better person
cry into their shoulders like it makes a difference
ask yourself who is it are you really trying to convince

wake up put on your shoes and walk the dog
when you go to feed her she looks up

asks you what is wrong and was it me


from Soft Grudge, released June 7, 2017


tags: punk Houston


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