Anyways However

from by Mulligrub



When I met you, you were scared of everything except dying
I kissed you on the Commons cause there was fire trucks in front of that big apartment building
down the street from ours
and on your skateboard
you rode into the harbour
I saw you leave but you didn't see me
coming home

We were two very unhealthy people
seems like all we did back then was cry on each other's shoulders
when the tears dried up it would get a little awkward
it's a miracle somewhere in there we found we held some common ground

and I want you around
wanna put christmas lights on the boat house
we'll never take them down
just watch them burn out

bleeh blooh blah bleeh blooh blah blah
when I kissed you in the backyard don't think about before or after
because I can never let go
you can never hold onto
anything that you don't keep in
I always gotta say what I think so

come over here
with your paper flowers, your mismatched socks, and your smile from ear to ear
I know you tried real hard
but you broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke broke my heart

but it doesn't matter
cause i'll love you anyways and however


from Soft Grudge, released June 7, 2017


tags: punk Houston


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