form less

by jordaan mason



Queer indie folk FFO Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Daniel Johnston, The Microphones

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released July 8, 2016

form less was performed, recorded & assembled at home in the spring of 2016 by jordaan mason. it was mastered by matt ross.



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Funeral Sounds Houston, Texas

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Track Name: they harmonize
scientist you've been hard at work i know
you've been digging the earth for weeks in your front yard
have you found the box of bibles i buried there
so long ago i can't remember the litanies and
are you hoping to have a religious experience and
are you hoping to have a crisis of faith in your front yard
for all of your neighbours to see
your new complicated sexual identity
and what are you going to name it?
Track Name: aphasia
another dog ear year gone south
collecting garbage in my mouth
i am humiliated

we haven't met before but we have met before
you were in a dream i had
i ran to the window and looked up at the sky
i kept thinking, "take me home"

everything i wear feels like a costume
Track Name: ethic of encounter
a conscious hallucination
the open eye, so human
it is what it is not
it is what it is not
contagious availability
some things are there but you can't see
it is what it is not
it is what it is not
you have got to believe that things can transform
Track Name: pink
we dematerialize
drag our way through
stress about all the words
we cannot undo
hide under the pink
in an otherwise grey room
til finally the time comes
the flowers are in bloom
i say sister
do what you have to do
take your time
i don't mind
i can wait for you
Track Name: best mess
should i undress
if i feel powerless
i sullied, he slept
shit year, best mess

ugly, cut-up, killing time
a risk, we race toward the light
i guess i am doing fine
but i miss you all the time

i want to let the cat out of the bag
Track Name: unable
i was unable to call you
when i wanted to call you
and tell you happy birthday
it was a weird day
i was walking with a song you like
stuck in my head but
only a single part of the song
you know the part where she says
"it's over"
and she says "it's over"
over and over
and i couldn't help but wonder if
it's over
Track Name: plural
i am not here like i used to be
i'm half-erased perhaps a ghost just pissing aimlessly
i am impatient i want to be a snake
i want to feel the grass against my skin or on my face

i am plural i guess i am two
but i say this body is not mine
does it belong to you does it belong to you

i am trying to do right by us
been swimming in this pool so long there's water in my lungs
but i am singing, choking, some
i arrange a bowl of fruit forget to eat it and feel numb

i am plural which i guess means i am two
but i say this body is not mine
does it belong to you does it belong to you
Track Name: map on the body
i am afraid to talk. i make
enough material but i haven’t
made enough material
to make a bed better.
i haven’t licked all of the spoons
clean yet and i want to go swimming
but both of my arms
are broken. i draw a map on my body,
one line for each time i said: no.
it is difficult to follow.
i followed it and got lost.

sometimes my hands seize up
when i am wrestling with a button
or a clasp. sometimes when i put
my hand on someone else’s hand
i become a river and they become
a river. sometimes when i am a
river and you are a river then i am
the kind of river that cries a lot
and you are the kind of river that
makes fun of me for crying a lot.

i put sunscreen on my teeth and ask
the only other girl on the beach
if she will drown me.
Track Name: never homesick
the world didn't end

we stayed home, played priapus
i felt at peace with my wrong sex
hours passed, we lost the time
we osculate and we entwine

i want to buy you clothes
you'll be too ashamed to wear in public
so that when you put them on
you'll never have to feel homesick

don't worry, i like slow talkers
don't worry, i like sleep walkers

(whatever reverend i'll be on my knees for a while
however rivers end i'll be on my knees for a while)

let your arms be exposed
i bet it will feel nice